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Meet Nita

Nita Godwin started her Mary Kay business in the year 2000 at the young age of 24. Through the positive support of Mary Kay she was able to rebuild her self-esteem and self-confidence from an abusive relationship. Within 10 months of working her business, she earned her free career car with the company. A few months later, she became a sales Director, reaching an elite level of top 2% within the company. She quickly became a pink Cadillac sales Director months later, becoming one of the youngest pink Cadillac sales directors in the state of Virginia. Over the years, one of the things Nita loves the best about Mary Kay is the flexibility to fit it into any part of your life. She has been with Mary Kay single, newly married, married with newborn babies of twins as a single mom, and now remarried running multiple businesses. She believes that every woman should be a part of Mary Kay for the positive sisterhood that everyone automatically gets by joining the Pink tribeย ๐Ÿ’•